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Heat Recovery Steam Generators
for Industrial & Institutional facilities ...

TTNA offers a wide range of custom designed Heat Recovery Steam Generators in packaged and modular versions for gas turbine heat recovery applications.

TTNA's natural circulation HRSGs are available in the following configurations:
  • Shell & Tube type, single pass or multi-pass
  • Fully shop-assembled, packaged watertube type in 'O' and 'A' styles
  • Modular watertube type with separate steam drums

Key features of TTNA HRSGs:

  • Steam pressure - Single or multiple pressures
  • Saturated or superheated steam. Integral superheater provided for superheated steam requirements
  • Full membrane waterwall construction
  • Optimally designed plain tube and finned tube sections for superheater and evaporator (boiler bank)
  • Modular design for larger capacities to minimize field installation time and cost
  • Large water volume and steam space
  • Drum internals and steam separators to ensure high steam quality
  • Supplemental fuel firing if required, to fire all types of gaseous and liquid fuels as well as process/tail gas
  • Optional NOx and CO emission reduction systems packaged with HRSG
  • Adequate access/inspection openings for tube inspection and maintenance
  • Flue gas ductwork, dampers, exhaust gas stack, platforms & ladders, duct burner system, controls & instrumentation and other optional plant auxiliaries for a complete turnkey supply solution